Monday, April 13, 2015

Coffee on the porch and My New Apron

It was 16 degrees outside this morning when I got up. I sat on the porch for the first time to have my morning coffee. All of the cats were sitting out with me. I opened up the windows and let the warm breeze in. It seems like a dream the last time I opened up the windows to let in the fresh air. By noon the temperature was up to 20.7 degrees.

Here is a project that I worked on recently. This is my material. I love the colours in this fabric.

Here is what I made with it.

I have a lovely new apron to wear. It is a fairly simple pattern and I really like the ruffles on the bottom. When I read the instructions and started to put it together I knew that it was not going to be exactly what I wanted. I decided to line it. That meant I had to go to the quilting store to purchase a small piece of white cotton. I did not have a piece in my stash of material that I could use. I am happy with how it turned out. It was a new pattern for me and in hindsight I could have made it a smaller size but with a couple of adjustments is is just fine.

I promised myself that after we got settled into the cottage that I would sew again. It has been many years since I sewed anything; just a few minor repairs here and there and some hems on jeans. I have another beautiful piece of cotton waiting. I am going to make another apron. The material  is washed and pressed and ready to go.

I am going to make some comfy pants and a new housecoat for the summer. After that I plan to make some summer clothes. When I get the projects finished I will share all of them with you.

Love Always,

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Officially spring is here. Today the sky is overcast and there is rain off and on. These last few weeks we have had lots of sunshine and mild temperatures and the snow is beginning to disappear. The cats are asking to go outside but they have not left the confines of our yard.
I have been busy with little sewing projects lately. I purchased the prettiest pale pink tablecloth quite some time ago. I did not look at it very carefully and when I got it home and took a good look I found that the middle of the cloth was very worn and there were a number of big holes. I decided to cut the middle of the cloth out. I saved the little pieces and put them aside. I carefully matched the two pieces and sewed them back together.
I will try and find some pink lace to sew around the edge to really make it pretty. I put it on the kitchen table. I am very pleased with the results. I love pink and a pink tablecloth is one of my favourite things.

I am doing some little things for me and the cottage. I have started making an apron. I got it all cut out and started sewing when I realized it was not going to be to my liking when it is finished. So I am going to have to go and purchase a piece of solid fabric as a lining. There are no fabric stores close to us. I am going to try a quilting store that opened not to long ago. Perhaps they will have what I need. 
I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Love Always,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Something Lovely for Valentine's Day

Here is a beautiful little tidbit that I would like to share with you. This is from the Graphics Fairy. If you like this little Angel and her message just click on the link and it will take you to the proper page. You can have your very own copy. Hope you enjoy this image. Valentines day is not far away. I am going to use this to make a card for my hubby.

Love Always

How I love pink

I put a little collage together of some pink things that I saved in my files. I am trying to make birthday party plans. Hubby says he will make it happen if I can tell and show him what I want. He knows what I like but he wants to make sure that everything is perfect.

Usually I make the plans and then I execute the plans. This year I told him that I do not want to do any of the cooking or preparation. I want my birthday lunch outside on our porch. I love a tea party. I came across the picture of the cake with these lovely pink roses on top and knew I would love something like this. I have things similar to the pictures so there is no need to purchase these. Somebody will have to make the food, set the table and purchase the flowers.

My birthday is not until the summer so there is plenty of time to plan everything.

Our weather is mild and rainy today. Such a change! The other day it was minus 23 Celsius. It is nice to have some pretty things to look at on a grey day. I think that later tea and scones will be in order. Have a wonderdul day.

Love Always,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Cup of Tea to Warm You

It is a cold, grey day today and it has been snowing since 10:30 a.m. this morning. The winds have died down. That is a good thing. I have been making plans in my head for painting and refinishing my furniture. I almost have things were I want them. There isn't much left at the old house. Most of it can be donated. I have to sell my dining room furniture. I no longer have a dining room where is could rest.
My small table and chairs and the china cabinet fits in the kitchen. I purchase some lovely pink tulips for the kitchen and I set the table for tea. I made some brownies so won't you come and join me. We can have our tea and a chat.

Love Always,

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

This is what the party looks like at our house. That is Emry on the left and Chubby on the right. This is their new favourite spot to sleep. Stewart is in the bedroom on the bed and Rudy is curled up beside me on the loveseat. Wherever you are and whatever you do I wish you a Happy New Year and Best Wishes in 2015.

Love Always,

Monday, December 29, 2014

The china cabinet found a home

The china cabinet arrived before Christmas which gave me plenty of time to wash, polish and make it sparkle. I unpacked all of my teacups and tried to make everything look good. I love the cabinet in this spot. I had my hutch here but it was too deep and stuck out past the wall. Sometimes you just have to live with things before you make changes.
I have been busy lately emptying the last of the boxes. I always have a box ready for donations. When you realize that you do not need a certain item any longer it is nice to know that someone else will probably have a use for it. We have an amazing Salvation Army store in the town south of us and I take all of my donations there.
I have been working on organizing the laundry room. I have a vision for the room and the inspiration came from this picture. This is from the blog: From My Front Porch To Yours.

I just love the room in this picture. I have an antique dresser that I want to sit in between my washer and dryer. This room is my laundry room, storage room, mudroom and a room for the cats. I am going to have to paint the room from top to bottom and come up with a idea for a ceiling fixture. There is no outlet for a ceiling fixture in this room and there are only 2 electrical outlets.
I will take pictures of the room as soon as I get all of my storage furniture in place. I haven't decided on colours yet. Take care.

Love Always,